Breathe 20 is our positive response to help the wonderful people who are in the health and education sector taking the brunt of this pandemic.

We thank you for what you are doing from the bottom of our hearts.


What Is    Breathe20    all about?

Our front-line colleagues in health, pharma, supply chain and education are working at a pressure that you and I may never fully understand and continue to work in immense system and volume pressures, leaving them tired and less resilient.

Breathe 20 is a way where we can remind them to take 3 minutes out to breathe, all they need to do is register below and we will send them Breathe 20 clips that have a count down and inspirational resilience message helping them through their day.

Breathe 20 themes:
• Learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable
• Finding your neutral in turbulent times
• Working with remote colleagues
• Whilst I’m away, how I manage what I see?
• Laughing with my colleagues
• Depth talking, not shallow speaking!

20 Breaths

Each video clip will have a ’20 breath’ countdown timer focussing you to calibrate your thinking back to what matters most. 

3 Minutes of Encouragement

Each video will provide a timely response by delivering encouragement, support and ideas for you to keep yourself, colleagues and people around you resilient.

Calm in the Storm

Creating a habit of Breathe 20s will assist you to be resilient in turbulent times. Maintaining that calm will help you make the leadership decisions you need to in what you face in the coming minutes, hours, days and months.

A thank you to all NHS, Pharma, Supply Chain and Education staff from the team at Innersummit.

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